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The Home Source Full Service For Sale By Owner Program

This program will appeal to the seller with little equity in their property, and are looking for the maximum exposure of the Multiple Listing Service. This program MAY result in tremendous commission savings compared to listing at a 6% or 7% commission, and help the consumer to sell their property without incurring major losses. The property is marketed with The Home Source on San Diego's Multiple Listing Service. The owner will assist The Home Source with the selling process. There may be additional costs depending on services requested by the sellers. The basic cost of this service is $395.00 at time of listing .

Computer Market Evaluation - You set the price
3 Months Multiple Listing (MLS) - $99.00 renewal fee
Full Page add showing photos featured on The Home Source web site  with a link to the MLS
(Basic service is the free service + the MLS services) Seller only wants the listing service without brokers services   $395.00 at the time of listing.
Please see a real estate lawyer to help you with the legal process of selling a home in California if you decide to sell you home yourself.

Additional Service  = Full Real Estate Services
Represent you in the selling process
A trained negotiator to negotiate the offers to purchase for you (This saves you money!!)
Computer Market Evaluation - You set the price
6 Months MLS listing
Needs assessment
Full target marketing plan
Basic Feature Sheets - Upgraded feature sheets available
A broker to provide and help fill out the listing agreement and the many disclosure forms required by law. (To lower the chance of a lawsuit)
Put it into escrow and follow it through the process  
Be on call to answer seller's questions
Bring you qualified buyers
For sale sign
Full page add showing photos featured on The Home Source web site
Internet advertising on major house listing sites such as, MSN Home Advisor,

 Fee Structure
No Money Up Front, Paid When House Sells  Savings are based on a 6% commission and a house that has sold for $300,000 = $18,000

Seller finds the buyer - Selling fee ONLY (1.5%) - (certain conditions apply) of selling price  Savings = $13,500.00
The Home Source finds buyer (2.5%) - (certain conditions apply)   Savings = $10,500.00
Other agent finds buyer 4.75%  (2.25% to The Home Source and 2.5% to buyer's agent)  Savings = $3,750.00

 Question & Answers
1. What is a Self-Directed Listing? How much does it cost?
The Self-Directed Listing lists the details of the seller's home on the Multiple Listing Service, making it available to every Realtor in Southern California. You have the option of assisting the listing agent with the sale of your property. You decide how you want your money spent in the marketing of your property. You pay only for the services you need. The cost of listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service with the Home Source program is $495.00.

2. What if I find the buyer for my property?
As a homeowner your property rights are protected. You have the right to sell your home through your own efforts. If you find the buyer, the commission you would normally pay will be substantially reduced. If a real estate agent finds a buyer, you pay only what you agreed to pay the agent who brings in the acceptable offer.

3. Is Self-Directed Listing legal?
100%!!  We can charge as much or as little as we wish for our services.

4. What will Realtors think? Will they show my home?
Why not? You're still offering a competitive commission to the agent who brings you the right buyer. And, if the Realtor is doing his job, it's his duty to show his buyer all homes that meet his client's requirements. If a professional Realtor is interested in earning a commission and serving his client properly, you bet he'll show your home!

5.What do I get for $395.00?
For $395.00 you get full access to the comprehensive Multiple Listing Service, World Wide Web internet exposure, the potential to SAVE a significant amount of money, and much more.

6. What about additional services?
Sellers must cover the additional costs not covered in the base $395.00 marketing fee. This may include additional advertising, color photos of your property.  Don't worry about the additional costs, focus on what you are saving.

7. How much is the selling commission?
By law, the real estate commission is negotiable. You decide what you want to pay a buying agent. Our recommendation is to offer a competitive commission, which we can help you determine. Generally, the commission rate on a very salable property is less than that for a property that is more difficult to sell.

8. Is the The Home Source program suitable for all home sellers?
The answer to that question is NO. We believe that the program will appeal to all sellers that are MOTIVATED to sell, willing to price their home RIGHT, available to ASSIST with the selling process and have a great desire TO SAVE MONEY. If this describes you, call today for further details.

9.  Please see a real estate lawyer!!  They can help you with the legal process of selling a home in California if you sell your home yourself.
Let me give you an example: You accept an offer from a buyer and three weeks into the process his/hers loan falls through after paying $600.00 for the appraisal and a property inspection.  The buyer will not release you from the contract because they think they can still get a loan from someone else.  They do not want to lose the money they have already invested.  Another buyer comes along a wants to buy your home and you can not sell to this buyer.  It is a California law that you cannot have two escrows open on the same property at the same time.  As long as the buyer will not allow the escrow to be closed you cannot sell your home to anybody.  This could mean a lawsuit!  

E-mail us or call (619) 806-9052 for more information