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Welcome To The Home Source For Sale By Owner Section

Chuck Colwell President/Broker
The Home Source
El Cajon, CA 92021
(619) 444-8005

If I Can Help You!

 I Can Help You Sell Your Home At No Cost To You!
Question: You might be wondering "Why would I offer most of these services for free?"  "Whats the catch?"

Answer:     I have spent most of my career working with home buyers and lenders. I normally have qualified
buyers looking for homes and 1/4 of the market is For Sale By Owner's (FSBO's). It just makes
sense to expand the source of available homes for my clients.  It only takes one person to buy
your house.  For the people that don't by your home.  I am hoping that you will point them my way
in return for the services that I provide for you to greatly increase your odds of selling on your own.  
It is a partnership created so that we both win!!

What I Will Do For You:
Loan you a professional looking "For Sale By Owner Sign" Featuring "The Talking Home"  & "Internet Photo Tour" information. (Click here to find out more about the talking home)

Give you a 56 page manual on how to sell your home "Commission inYour Pocket"  (Click here to download)

An opinion on how to show your property and what most buyers are looking for in a home

The use of an 800 phone number to reference in your marketing plan.  (Click here to find out more on the 800 #)
I will pay the monthly fees.  All I ask for this service is that you pay the 5 cents per minute that I get charged for your use of these services.

Put your home on the Internet with a full photo tour and link this with your 800 phone number.

Supply you with a Comparative Market Analysis of what has sold in your area recently

Show you how to hold an open house to maximize your outcome

Pre-qualify you buyers

Show your home if wanted

Loan you a professional video on "Selling By Owner"

 The Talking Home is another use of the 800 phone number.  Your FSBO yard sign will show this number so people driving by your home can call on their mobile phone, in front of your home or anytime, to find out about your property's features.The sign will also give them a link to the internet where they will be able to see a digital photo tour of your home!  This shows your home at its best.  Studies by the Association of Realtors show that people will follow up on a property if they can get information without a lot of hassle or having to talk to a person initially.

 The 800 number is called the Ad Tracker.  It gives your buyers a
24 hr toll free number for them to call.  If you have put an ad in the newspaper for a home, you know that you will get more calls from AGENTS PROSPECTING YOUR HOME than you do prospective buyers.  THIS WILL STOP THAT!!  
The benifits of this service are the following:

Buyer's and Agents are not leaving countless messages on your own answering machine thus filling it up or having you running to the phone.
You can describe your home on the recording creating a positive picture in the buyers mind of what you home looks like before
they step foot inside.
Save wasted time a effort on buyers that aren't right for your home.
When they call it captures their phone number and message and sends it to you via email for you to keep and listen at your conveience even if they hang up without a message.
It saves you money because you just need to put a brief ad in the paper and let the message & the sign do the selling for you.

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